Monday, Nov. 17th 2008

IRGC Trains Syrians to Fight Sunnis

According to the Jerusalem Post the IRGC has in the past four months established intelligence cells in Lebanon, comprised of Syrian agents and Lebanese Hizbollah members, whose aim is to track down and annihilate extreme Sunni armed cells. The Jerusalem Post cited reporting by the Kuwaiti-based daily A-Siyasa.

Beginning in late July 2008, approximately 200 IRGC officers previously posted in Iraq, Bahrain, and the United Arab Emirates began forming cells composed of Lebanese Hezbollah, Amal, and Syrian intelligence officers.

The IRGC trained intelligence cells are tasked to identify and locate Sunni terror cells and to learn their sources of money and weapons. The intelligence cells also have the mission to kill or capture Sunni terrorists.

Analysis:Syrian intelligence has again aligned itself with Iran against its fellow Sunni nations. The intelligence operation shows again how the IRGC positions itself as a trainer, supplier, and leader of proxy forces that carry out the actual missions, similar to its use of Lebanese Hezbollah and Iraq Shiite militias in the past. This operation also displays the ability of the IRGC to surge forces capable of organizing, training and equipping intelligence and action forces into an area and commence operations in a relatively short period of time.

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