Iran’s Revolutionary Guard: The Threat That Grows While America Sleeps

For thirty years, the Revolutionary Guard has slain American servicemen and intelligence officers, built an economic empire, and trained, financed, and guided terrorists to pursue the twin goals of preserving Iran’s Islamic regime and exporting the Islamic revolution. Inside Iran, the IRGC controls Iran’s politics, economy, foreign policy, and nuclear program. Outside of Iran, the operations of the IRGC and its proxies, including Hezbollah and Shiite militias in Iraq, have left a trail of death—from the 1983 truck bombing of U.S. peacekeepers in Beirut to numerous attacks on U.S. troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The Revolutionary Guard controls Iran’s nuclear weapon program including the missiles and terrorists with which to deliver such weapons. With no effective opposition to its past assaults upon Iran’s neighbors and American, the IRGC stands on the threshold of gaining the ultimate weapon.

O’Hern’s account is well documented but delivered in a jargon-free style making his experience and study accessible to the general public as well as policymakers and military and security professionals. Iran’s Revolutionary Guard leads to a disturbing conclusion—no longer content to strike at U.S. interests in the Middle East, the IRGC has developed a robust capability to strike the continental United States

“[K]een analysis of Iran’s dark networks globally. Hezbollah forces in Lebanon, the Levant, and Latin America, as well as Europe emerge in vivid detail. . . .[D]etails the financing, sleeper cells, and movements of Hezbollah in the United States. . . .[N]ovices through experts on Iran will find this book useful for its realism, detail and comprehensiveness.”

Martin Scott Catino, Ph.D., American Military University, Journal of Strategic Security, Vol. 6, Number 2, Summer 2013


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