Wednesday, Oct. 29th 2008

After Syria Raid, IRGC Says Don’t Try Raiding Iran

Acting IRGC commander Mohammad Hejazi has told reporters that Iran is able to defend its borders. Brig. Gen Hejazi said, “IRGC forces have the determination and experience to guard Iran’s national interests.”

In the same article, the IRGC Navy commander noted the growing strength of the IRGC naval forces which should concern U.S. forces and shippers. Admiral Morteza Saffari said that Iran’s navy has been reorganized and is ready to defend the nation against all threats.

“Iran’s naval forces will make sure that the enemy will live to regret any act of aggression against the Islamic Republic,” said Admiral Saffari.

Analysis:The possibility of retaliation by Iran after a raid is a very real threat that U.S. forces must take into account. While U.S. forces could probably strike into parts of Iran near the Iraq border successfully, the United States would then be faced with the prospect of three problems:

  • Political problems with the Iraq government led by Shiites sympathetic to Iran
  • Retaliation by IRGC proxies inside Iraq where U.S. facilities and forces offer nearby targets
  • Retaliation by the IRGC Navy, especially against shipping in the Persian Gulf. Iranian naval forces possess anti-shipping missiles and other potent weapons that can inflict significant damage.

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