Iran's Revolutionary Guard: The Threat That Grows While America Sleeps

In Iran's Revolutionary Guard, a thoroughly researched investigation of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), Steven O'Hern reveals new information about Hezbollah and IRGC operations inside America based on interviews with former and active members of the FBI, CIA, local law enforcement, military intelligence, and even one former Revolutionary Guard officer. O'Hern delivers a warning—the Revolutionary Guard is a danger to the well-being of all U.S. citizens.

Steven O'Hern

Steven O’Hern is a retired military counterintelligence officer, an Iraq War veteran, and an attorney. While serving in Iraq, Colonel O’Hern directed intelligence operations against al Qaeda in Iraq (the predecessor to Islamic Stat...

Another Book

The Intelligence Wars: Lessons from Baghdad, a book that is a critical review of U.S. intelligence operations in Iraq, explains why human intelligence must be better managed to fight future enemies.

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